Tell Tale

Do you want to relate to an author who has written about their journey? Transpire has put together some of our favourite read’s so that you can sit back and take a look at transgender history and other people’s experiences.

Trans Like Me
By C.N. Lester

This book is written by academic and activist CN Lester and looks at some of the greatest issues within the transgender community. Including pronouns and issues regarding feminism, this book will be all the education you need.
Transgender History
By Susan Stryker

This non-fiction book from Susan Stryker looks at the history of transgender people from the mid 19th century all the way to the 2000s. Each chapter is linked to a specific period in history.
Trans: A Memoir 
By Juliet Jacques

This memoir follows the transition of Juliet Jacques – a transgender woman who under-went gender reassignment surgery in 2012. Read this if you are going/wish to go through the same, and want a detailed account of the journey.
Redefining Realness
By Janet Mock

This book looks at the life of Janet Mock as a transgender woman. It follows her story from childhood to adulthood. The book starts in 2009, with Mock telling her boyfriend that she is transgender.
A Safe Girl to Love
By Casey Plett

This book consists of eleven short stories which  stretch from a rural Canadian town to a gay bar in New York. It follows experiences of transgender women going through loss, sex, harrasment and love.
Transgender 101
By Nicholas Teich

This book, written by a social worker and educator, delves into transgenderism. It includes history of life as a trans person and also looks into the discrimination in which transgender people have and still do face…

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